Monday, September 26, 2011

Welcome to Lil' Dog Whisperer

Hello Dog Lovers ~
Welcome to the Lil' Dog Whisperer, the site for anything DOG!  I have always been passionate about dogs and everything about them! I think that they are one of the most amazing animals in the world!  That is why I started this blog.  I am going to write about everything dog, all about dog breeds, the latest dog trends, ego friendly dog supplies and more!  I also write a column for a newspaper called Beach Pups and it's all about dog breeds and dogs I have met along the way.  And I meet lots of dogs of all breeds every day!  I will post the articles I write for the newspaper every week on this blog.  I live in the Pacific Northwest, and it is a HUGE animal, especially dog loving area!  I have two dogs and it's important for me to learn what is best for them!  If you have any story, feel free to send me a post on anything dog to and I will post it on the blog!  I would love to see photos of your dogs, funny stories, jokes, you name it!  
I hope you enjoy, @raya


  1. Hey @raya! Its me again. I'll be keeping up with this blog, too. I love dogs!

  2. Hey Lisbeth ~
    I am so glad you have joined me over here!
    I love dogs too!
    Talk soon,