Friday, December 16, 2011

Congratulations to GCH CH Steele Your Heart, the Wire Fox Terrier who took top dog at the 2011 National Dog Show!

One of my favorite days of the year is Thanksgiving, and here is why... The National Dog Show!!!! 
Featuring over 3,000 dogs in 150 different breeds, the National Dog Show has become a part of the Thanksgiving Day tradition and this year 50 of the top contenders were spotlighted. 
The National Dog Show Presented by Purina celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2011.
Dogs are judged in groups such as Toy, Herding, Non-Sporting, Terrier, Sporting, Hound and Working, all leading up to picking the top dog as "Best in Show."

According to the AKC, the goal of dog shows is to evaluate breeding stock in order to find the best dogs who can produce the next generation of purebreds. The judges evaluate teeth, muscles, bones and coat texture, as well as view each dog in profile to assess overall balance and see how the features fit together in action.  Judges then give awards according to how closely each contender compares to the mental image of the "perfect" dog described in the breed's official standard, including specifications for structure, temperament and movement.
Last year, all eyes and ears were on Sadie, a Scottish Terrier who took home the top honor of Best in Show.

                2011 National Dog Show Finalist.


Toy Group


GCH CH Banana Joe V Tani Kazari

Hound Group


GCH CH Starline's Chanel

Herding Group

Australian Shepherd

GCH CH Propwash Reckon

Terrier Group

Wire Fox Terrier

GCH CH Steele Your Heart

Non-Sporting Group


GCH CH Spotlight's Ruffian

Sporting Group

English Springer Spaniel

 GCH CH Cerise Tender Is The Night

Working Group

Bernese Mountain Dog

GCH CH Blumoon's Tanzenite v Blackrock
                                                                     And Best in Show was.....

Terrier Group
Wire Fox Terrier

GCH CH Steele Your Heart

Two of the Wire Fox Terriers' most distinctive traits are their enormous amount of energy and intelligence. They have a low threshold for boredom and require stimulation, exercise and attention.
The Wire Fox Terrier should be alert, quick and ready to respond swiftly with enthusiasm. However they should also be friendly, communicative and exceedingly playful if they receive the proper care and exercise. Bred to be independent thinkers, they are capable of tactical maneuvering for vermin and other sport. Their stamina, energy and level of intelligence is unusually high. But before being seduced by these clever antics and independent ways, prospective owners should attempt to understand the breed's willful nature. 
What was your favorite breed from each group and who did you think was going to win best in show?

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